Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Lord Our Protector

This is the third of 3 posts tonight, so be sure to read them all. But this is by far the most significant.

Today my son-in-law was supposed to drive his brother, Jamie, to work and Jamie's wife, Shannon, to the hairdresser. The original plan was to pick both of them up and drop Shannon off before taking Jamie out of town to work. Fortunately, he ended up not having enough room in his vehicle so he decided to take Shannon first then go back and pick Jamie up for work.

When they were on the highway they came across a pile up that had just happened. I don't know exactly how many cars were involved, but they were all the way across the highway. But the accident had just happened a few minutes before they got there and they feel that if my son-in-law hadn't had to go back to pick Jamie up they would have been in the pile up!

God our protector is so awesome!!!!!

As Always, God Uses a Negative Experience and Provides!

I love how God uses things for good! OK, the negative experience in this case was more of an irritation than anything big, but was still negative!

On October 8 my daughter and I manned a poll for the provincial election, and since we were not able to leave the poll for the entire 14 to 15 hours between arrival and when the ballots were finished being counted, we had to either bring meals or have them delivered. We decided to split on a pizza for supper. I ordered it in advance to be delivered between 5 and 5:30 pm.

When the pizza hadn't arrived by 6:15 we had my son-in-law call the pizza place to find out what had happened. They said that the delivery guy had arrived at the church where the poll was, but couldn't find the room where we were. Since the door was right off the parking lot and clearly marked and all of the voters found it just fine, I didn't believe them. Anyway, the pizza arrived at 6:30 and I asked for a discount, which I was NOT given.

When I got home I emailed the company and complained.

My husband's last pay was very small and we didn't have enough money to buy all of the groceries we need. I didn't know what we were going to do, so I went to my church for help, which the did. But we needed more.

Last night I got an email from the pizza company telling me that they were giving us a $30 credit, which was actually more than I had paid for the original order! I ordered pizza for tonight's supper and they had a great sale on that enabled me to get 2 extra large pizzas and pop for all of us with that $30 credit! Not only was it enough for supper tonight but there was enough leftovers for the girls to take it to school for lunch tomorrow and I had a snack tonight!!!!! I love how God provides, and I didn't even have to cook!!!!!

God Is Awesome

As some of you know and some don't, right now my son is not living at home and my husband and I go visit him 3 days a week. Today I had an errand to run and had to take a bus home. Unfortunately I missed the bus by just a few seconds and here in Niagara Falls my bus only runs once per hour. This meant that I would be 15 minutes late at the minimum to meet my ride to see my son. Since they are only allowed to wait 15 minutes I knew that I would likely miss my visit today.

I texted my husband to ask him to call FACS, who we get the ride through, and ask the worker to have our ride come 15 minutes later. I would have called myself but I cannot call on my cell right now and had no money for a pay phone (I was using tickets for the bus). He did try to call but could not get ahold of our worker as she was not in the office.

I begged God for half an hour to help me be on time to see my son. And I started to cry (yes, in public) because it wasn't looking good. Oh me of little faith!

Anyway, while I was crying I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my heart and say, "Why are you crying? You begged Me to help you. Don't you trust Me?" This comforted me and I stopped crying.

When I got home the ride was waiting for me and had just arrived a few minutes earlier. The driver told me that she had forgotten the drive and was relaxing and was about to take a nap when she suddenly remembered! This made her a bit late, so she hadn't waited the 15 minutes required before she left so I didn't miss the visit! God is awesome!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

God Meets Our Needs

I just love how God meets our needs.

We don't have a car, but a friend has loaned us one for a few weeks. Well, on Sunday I went to drive to church and when I started the engine the gas light came on, indicating that we would run out soon. Well, we didn't have money for gas -- not even $5 -- and I still needed to be able to drive my kids to school on Monday and Tuesday and to go to work on Monday and we wouldn't have any money until Barry gets paid on Wednesday. I prayed for God to stretch the gas until we could get more.

Well, first he stretched it enough for the kids to get to school and me to get to work on Monday. Then when I was at work on Monday I got a text message from Barry to tell me that we had a check arrive for $75 that we had absolutely NO idea was on the way! So not only could I buy gas, but I could buy other items that were still needed but could have waited until payday. For example, we were out of regular milk but we had powdered to get us by, and so on. But even those needs were met!

Praise God!!!!!


Monday, March 03, 2008

Even Our Wants!

I am so excited that God is granting me something that I have wanted badly but was willing to sacrifice!

This coming summer is my sister's 25th wedding anniversary and I badly want to go to Nova Scotia to see her. At first I had planned to use this year's income tax refund to go but God had other plans.

When I first got the refund I was disappointed to find that the amount wouldn't cover the cost of the flight but I decided that if I put what I had into the bank, tried to save more, and/or found a good seat sale maybe I could still go. But God had other plans for that money.

First, we needed groceries so I spent some on that. This left me with only $220. Less than half of the regular fare.

Then when I was at church a friend asked me to borrow some potatoes as she was desperate for food. She also let me know that she needed money so I gave her $20 (I was willing to give more but that was all she would accept). As I took the money from my wallet the thought came to mind that if I was giving her money this would make it LESS likely that I would get to go. But I felt that her need was more important than my want, so I gave it anyway. As I handed it to her I felt the Holy Spirit speak clearly to my heart that I would get my trip.

Then a week ago I heard a sermon on tithing and was convicted because I had been neglecting that area. Now I didn't know what to do because if I tithed our next check this would only leave $90. for groceries for 6 of us for 3 weeks. But then I thought of the $200. I had for my trip. I decided to give that as my tithe of our check. I took the money out of the bank and the next time I was in church I gave it as my tithe with a heavy heart as I felt I was giving up ALL chance of getting to my sister's anniversary. But as I put it into the plate I felt the Holy Spirit remind me, "I told you -- You Will Get Your Trip!"

I had no idea how God was going to get my trip for me, but I trusted Him and He knew how He was going to do it.

In September 2006 my grandmother died, and today my mother got her inheritance. Tonight I got a phone call from her to tell me to watch my mail, as she WAS SENDING ME $1000. WITH ORDERS TO USE IT FOR FUN, NOT BILLS!

I am soooooo excited that I will get to my sister's anniversary celebration!!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

God WILL ALWAYS provide when we do His will

God has provided for me sooooooo many times it's a wonder that I ever worry. But worry I do. So stupid! But He is always faithful when I'm not. And here is the latest.

As some of you know and some don't, I was a homeschooling Mom until recently. But I was beginning to burn out and prayed and prayed for help, expecting God to energize me. But that wasn't how He chose to work.

Because of my stress I wasn't doing as good of a job of teaching the kids as I should and their education suffered. One day Joshua's Sunday School teacher listened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and spoke to me of his concerns for Joshua. I am dead set against some of the teaching of the Public school system so I wouldn't even consider putting my kids there. But I had heard that some Christian schools offer financial help for families who can't afford them otherwise. So I decided to check that idea out.

In my search I found that I still couldn't afford most Christian schools even with financial help --until I found Christian Faith Academy. When I called them to ask about tuition I was told that they base it on income. I checked the place out and decided to enroll my kids there. But even though I am paying an incredibly low amount for tuition and books I still found it difficult. And this month I also had one-time expenses for testing and uniforms. When all was paid I only had $200 left for groceries for the six of us for 3 weeks -- something that normally costs me $500. or so. I was VERY worried (aka nearly panicked!!!!!) about what I was going to do, but felt in my heart that God still wanted me to pay most of those expenses right away.

How little faith I have! God always comes through, so I have no idea why I worry. But He immediately got to work on miracles for me. First, the school principal also works in Niagara Falls, New York and offered to pick up milk and eggs for me there. She said it was cheaper than here in Canada. So I handed her $20 Canadian and told her to do the best she could with it. Here all that would have got me was 4 bags of milk (each bag has 4 L) and no eggs. Well, she got me 6 gallons of milk and 3 dozen eggs!!!!!! And I still had $5 left even after she declared it at the border!

Then came the second part of the miracle. A woman Christine babysits for works at a pizza parlor and she brought over about 6 or 7 dozen buns, so there was less bread that I needed.

Then came an $80 check in the mail that we had no idea was coming.

After that we got an extra $400 from Barry's disability pension that was supposed to be used to buy winter clothing. And we did use it for that. But a friend at church had told me of a shoe store that was going out of business and having a great sale. I went, and it only cost me $80 to get boots for everyone in the family who needed them, church shoes for Christine, running shoes for Joshua, and dress shoes for school for the 3 younger ones! And by the time I had bought all of our winter clothes I still had $80 left for more groceries!

I was going to testify to all of this at church and here on my blog, but the Holy Spirit told me not to testify yet, as the miracle wasn't finished yet.

I did end up going to my church for more help with groceries, but I know I have a pride problem when it comes to asking for help and God really used the situation to humble me. So there was a spiritual reason for that one!

Then came the final stage of the miracle. I received a phone call yesterday offering me work 1 day per week!!!!! This was from an employer who I had worked for during the past 3 summers, but they are a tourist based business that closes during the winter so work with them at this time of year is very scarce and I didn't even apply for it. And 1 day per week is all I can handle right now as volunteering 3 days per week is a condition of my reduced tuition at the school. THEY called ME for a job I hadn't even applied for!!!!!!! This job will cover all of the school expenses each month!

Praise God I am soooooooo excited for what He has done!

Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Glad I have A Bladder Infection!

Why am I glad I have a bladder infection? Because I had to go to the walk-in-clinic. Why is that good? Well, because I had to take the bus home again!

You see, while I was waiting for the bus an older gentleman came and sat on the bench beside me and began talking about how lonely he's been since his wife died 3 years ago. So I wanted to tell him about the "friend who sticks closer than a brother", but was too shy to talk directly. I began looking in my purse for a tract to give him but I didn't have any left about that subject. God said to me, "Now you have to tell him verbally." No, I didn't hear voices. I felt His command in my heart. Anyway, I began talking about how Jesus has always been there when I needed Him and He is my friend. The man began to change the subject. I didn't want to be offensive or pushy, so I just talked about what he was and handed him a random tract from my purse.

He told me that he had to quit school as a boy to support his family during the depression, so he couldn't read. He asked me what the tract said. So I explained that we are not perfect but God's standard to enter Heaven or to be His friend is perfection. But since we are not perfect He sent Jesus to pay for our sins (imperfections) so we could still go to Heaven. HE WANTED JESUS TO BE HIS FRIEND! I was able to lead him to Jesus! When he had first sat down at the bus stop he looked lonely and depressed. When he got on the bus he looked happy and peaceful!

Another point -- this was all God's timing. When I was going to go to the clinc I took an earlier bus than I had planned because I needed to Christine to watch the kids and she wanted to go out at the time I had planned to leave. So I left 3 hours earlier than I had planned. Also, I had to go to a different walk-in clinic than I had planned because the closest one didn't open until 3 hours later (the reason I wanted to take the later bus). So I ended up being at the right bus stop at the right time. Then when I got to the bus stop to go home the bus was due any minute. When the man came the bus was a minute or 2 "late". About 10 seconds after the man accepted Jesus the bus rounded the corner! It was right on time for God's purposes!

Praise God For Rain

A couple of weeks ago our church planned an outdoor baptism service at the farm of one of our members. It was to be a big deal with the baptism of 11 people and followed by a picnic. But thunderstorms hit on that day and it had to be postponed. PRAISE GOD FOR THAT! Why? Here's why:

First of all there were 5 more people who came forward asking to be baptized (My son was one.) But here is the best reason. The service and picnic were rescheduled for yesterday. During the morning service the pastor announced the service to be held at the farm and the picnic to follow. At the end of the service a 16 year old boy came to the pastor and asked to be baptized as he was never "done" as a baby. The pastor asked if he had ever accepted Jesus as savior. The boy hadn't.

Then the pastor explained what baptism was and the plan of salvation. The boy accepted Jesus and was baptized that night! Praise God, a new soul on his way to heaven!!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Miraculous Healing!

A woman in church today shared this story of a miraculous healing of her neighbour.

This man had terminal cancer and was incapacitated and close to death. He couldn't communicate with anyone other than God (He is born again) as his brain was affected by the disease. The family was told that there was nothing more that could be done for him other than to make him as comfortable as possible as he passed on into eternity. All treatment was stopped.

Then the next day the nurse walked into his room expecting to find him still close to death or possibly even dead. But instead she found him sitting up in a chair! She said that he should get back to bed and tried to move him, but HE SPOKE (something he hadn't been able to do in weeks) and told her that he was no longer sick! He told her that the cancer was gone! And sure enough, they spent the next three days testing him, and found ABSOLUTELY NO CANCER! PRAISE GOD THE MAN WAS TOTALLY HEALED!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Jehovah Jireh

No, I'm not a Jehovah's Witness. Jehovah Jireh simply means "The Lord My Provider". And He has done just that for me and for others.

The other day someone came by and was upset that she had lost her job and on top of that she had been expecting a check that day and it didn't come. She had no food for her kids and wanted to call a friend to ask to borrow money. God touched my heart and I was able to give her a little bit of food to get by until the next day. What I hadn't told her, though, was that I also had to trust God to come through to get us by until we got paid next since when I did the last grocery shopping I counted each and every meal I was buying because I wanted to have enough, but didn't have alot of money. So I had bought exactly what we needed to the next check and no more. Giving food to her meant I would be a day short myself. I don't say this to glorify myself. If I didn't know Jesus personally I likely would not have done this. It was all to HIS credit. This is just to set up the story of His provision for me.

And God did come through. Yesterday an old neighbour who we have kept in touch with came by for a visit. He is a professionally trained chef and works for one of the most prestigious hotels in Niagara Falls. And out of the blue he just offered to cook us a meal. I accepted, thinking he was going to use our food and just cook it for us. But no, he went to the grocery store and bought everything himself. God provided an extra meal that replaced the supper I had given to someone in need! And He did it in a way that was an extra blessing -- a meal I didn't have to cook, cooked by a professional chef!